Creating Happy and Healthy Smiles
One Child at a Time
Pediatric Dentist

What Sets Us Apart

Creating Happy and Healthy Smiles, One Child at a Time

At All Grins 4 Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we deliver the highest quality dentistry, tailored to each child’s and every family’s concerns.

Dr. Kristen Cummings and our team know how important it is to teach children that visiting the dentist is nothing to worry about. By ensuring positive, painless, and fun visits, we help our young patients, and those with special needs, feel great about caring for their smile’s health!

Why Choose All Grins 4 Kids Pediatric Dentistry?

  • Our Doctor: Dr. Cummings is a board certified pediatric dentist. Following her dental degree, she completed advanced training in pediatric and special needs dentistry, acquiring the crucial knowledge, skills, and training to meet each child’s unique needs.
  • Our Team: Each member of our staff has been selected because of their abilities, patience, compassion, and devotion to patient care. They are warm and friendly, love connecting with families, and thrive on the friendships they build with every child.
  • Our Atmosphere: We have designed our practice to be a welcoming, non-threatening space, where children feel at ease. From the fish tank in the reception area to child-friendly décor and TVs in the treatment rooms, we want everyone to be at home and happy during their visits.
  • Our Commitment to Communication: We thoroughly explain treatment recommendations and options, review financials, and encourage questions from parents and patients. It is essential everyone understands the patient’s clinical needs and how we can work together to achieve a healthy smile.
  • Our Emphasis on Patient and Parent Education: By teaching children using age- and development-appropriate techniques, we help them establish healthy dental hygiene habits. We also work closely with parents and caregivers, discussing nutrition, behavior, and other concerns. In offering useful, practical guidance we ensure families know how to support their child’s oral and overall health.
  • Our Focus on Continual Learning: Dr. Cummings and our team stay at the forefront of new developments in pediatric dentistry, from procedures to technologies, and incorporate the best into the practice. We seek out advancements that improve diagnostics, treatment, patient experience, and results!

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All Grins 4 Kids Pediatric Dentistry, in Shiloh, IL, serves O’Fallon, Belleville, Fairview Heights, and surrounding communities. Please contact us to learn more about the family-friendly care we provide and to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Cummings and our team look forward to welcoming your child and you to our dental family; call and schedule a visit, today!